Outstanding Service Award

2020 Awardee: David Wong from George Mason University

Dr. David Wong has served SAM and the subfield of spatial analysis-statistics in various capacities throughout his career. He was an elected SAM board member (2000-2003) and chair (2003-2006).

Under his leadership, SAM grew and increased in visibility during annual AAG meetings; he successfully promoted awareness of it and its reputation. He led the effort in sponsoring and co-sponsoring paper sessions and panels. The numbers of sessions and papers, respectively, increased from 15 and 62 in 2003, to 24 and 94 in 2005. In 2006, SAM sponsored 18 sessions, with an additional 31 sessions containing 154 papers falling under its heading. Membership in SAM also grew during Dr. Wong’s chair term. In 2002, the unofficial SAM membership was 427, dipping to 200 in 2004 (its lowest in recent decades), and then recovering and growing to about 600 in 2005 (details are available in the SAMSG online reports), and 750 in 2006.

Dr. Wong also expended significant effort raising the profile of spatial analysis and statistics inside and outside of the AAG beyond his term as a SAM officer. Besides organizing 13 SAM general topic sessions for AAG meetings, he also organized special session about various specialized quantitative geography topics: the MAUP, urban analysis and GIS, visualization and mining of spatial data, residential segregation, big spatiotemporal data analytics, and uncertainty and quality issues in spatial data analysis—a total of 18 sessions of this type. In addition, he offered SAM-sponsored workshops during AAG meetings (2001, 2011). To promote spatial analysis-statistics outside of geography, he offered workshops and consultations to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and offered workshops during annual meetings of the Population Association of America and the American Political Science Association, as well as for the Committee on National Statistics, the National Academies, all of which are exceptional outreach activities.

2017 Awardee

Janet Franklin from Arizona State University.

2016 Awardees

No Awardees for this year.

2015 Awardees

Mei-Po Kwan from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Sergio Rey from Arizona State University.

2014 Awardees

Daniel Griffith from the University of Texas at Dallas, and Alan Murray from Arizona State University.

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