Report of 1997 Activities

May 23, 1997

1. MMQM statement of purpose.

Please modify the statement as follows.

MATHEMATICAL MODELING AND QUANTITATIVE METHODS: To aid and enhance research and teaching on mathematical models, statistical methods and other computational approaches in geography, and to promote their application in the form of scientific metodology in all subfields of geography. Dues $3 (student $1).

Jean-Claude Thill, Department of Geography, State University of New York at Buffalo, Wilkeson Quad, Amherst, NY 14261 Voice 716-645-2722 (ext. 24) Fax 716-645-2329 Internet URL

2. Officers.

Jean-Claude Thill, Chair, Department of Geography and NCGIA, State University of New York at Buffalo, Wilkeson Quadrangle, Amherst, NY 14261, Voice: (716)645-2722 ext. 24, Fax: (716)645-2329, email:, Term: 1996-1998.

Harvey Miller, Vice Chair and Treasurer, Department of Geography, University of Utah, 270 Orson Spencer Hall, Salt Lake City, UT 84112, Voice: (801)581-8218, email:, Term: 1996-1998.

Randy Jackson, Board member, Department of Geography, Ohio State University, 1036 Derby Hall, 154 North Oval Mall, Columbus, OH 43210, Voice:(614) 292-7998, Email:, Term: 1996-1998.

Jonathan Comer, Board member, Department of Geography, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK 74078-4073, Voice: (405)744-6250,, Term: 1996-1998.

Frank Southworth, Board member, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Energy Division, P.O. Box 2008 Voice:(615)576-8153,, Term: 1996-1998.

Brian Mikelbank, Student Representative, Department of Geography, Ohio State University, Columbus OH 43210, Term: 1997-1998.

3. Accomplishments.

The MMQM SG has a new web site at the folliwing URL:

At the Ft. Worth meetings, the MMQMSG sponsored 5 paper sessions, for a total of 21 presentations. The business meeting held at Ft. Worth included several lively discussions on the following issues:

- activities to be organized at the Boston meeting. Resolution: greater coordination with other specialty groups to co-sponsor sessions. Examples include "epidemiological modeling" co-sponsored by MMQM and medical geography SG, "population modeling" co-sponsored by MMQM and population SG. The relevance of workshops was also debated.

- the "Geography in America" project. Resolution: an invitation to the membership will be issued with the call for paper presentations at the Boston meeting to nominate authors of the MMQM chapter. The SG Chair will also enquire with the authors of the chapter in the first edition on their willingness to update their work and/or their suggestions.

- MMQM travel awards to members for attending the Honolulu meetings. Resolution: Members were unanimous NOT to set aside any SG funds for this purpose.

- "State-of-the-Art" lectures on SG theme. Resolution: the SG will adopt a way-and-see position.

- MMQM student paper competition. This year's winners of the competition are Pat Pellegrini (Ohio State U., 1996 Ph.D. from SUNY/Buffalo) and Michael Tiefeldorf (Ph.D. student, Wilfrid Laurier U.).

- Creation of other awards. Resolution: In 1998, the MMQM SG will initiate a new paper competition open to junior researchers who earned their doctoral degree less than 5 years ago. The prize is set at $500 (possibly split between awardees). Guidelines will drafted after the guidelines of the student paper competition.

- Expand membership. No resolution but a debate on the merit of changing the name of the SG to appear more inclusive. Efforts will be made to build bridges to other research communities in geography, esp. Other SGs.

- Dues increase. Resolution: no increase this year. Any increase must be justified by a need for additional resources to conduct activities.

4. Financial report.

MMQM SG Account

Date Credit Debit Comments Balance
05/06/96 $1,675.45 Carry-over $1,675.45
05/10/96 $500.00 Student paper award $1,175.45

1998 dues: $3 (student $1)

Estimated income for 1997: $750
Estimated expenses for 1997: $600

Estimated income for 1998: $750
Estimated expenses for 1998: $1100