Mathematical Modeling and Quantitative Methods Specialty Group

1997 Annual Report

May 26, 1998

1. MMQM statement of purpose. Please modify the statement as follows.

MATHEMATICAL MODELING AND QUANTITATIVE METHODS: To aid and enhance research and teaching on mathematical models, statistical methods and other computational approaches in geography, and to promote their application in the form of scientific methodology in all subfields of geography. Dues $3 (student $1). Harvey J. Miller, Department of Geography, University of Utah, 260 S. Central Campus Dr. Rm. 270, Salt Lake City, Utah 84112-9155 Voice 801-585-3972 Fax 801-581-8219 Internet URL

2. Officers.

Harvey Miller, Chair, Department of Geography, University of Utah, 270 Orson Spencer Hall, Salt Lake City, UT 84112, Voice: (801)581-8218, email:, Term: 1998-2000.

Jonathan Comer, Vice-Chair and Treasurer, Department of Geography, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK 74078-4073, Voice: (405)744-6250, Term: 1998-2000.

Sucharita Gopal, Department of Geography, Boston University, email: Term: 1998-2000.

David Lemberg, Department of Geography, Western Michigan University, 5311 Heathrow Avenue, Kalamazoo MI 49009, Voice: (616) 387-3408, Email: Term: 1998-2000.

Jeffrey Osleeb, Department of Geology and Geography, Hunter College, New York. Email: NY Term: 1998-2000.

Brian Mikelbank, Student Representative, Department of Geography, Ohio State University, Columbus OH 43210. Term: 1998-1999.

3. Accomplishments.

The MMQM SG has a web site at the following URL:

At the Boston meetings, the MMQMSG sponsored 18 paper sessions, for a total of 82 presentations. The business meeting held at Boston included communication and discussion on the following items:

- the membership of the group is decreasing for the third year in a row. What can we do about it? Could it be related to the fee increase two years ago? Resolution: continued efforts to coordinate with other specialty groups to co-sponsor sessions following the successful mechanisms put in place this year.

- the "Geography in America" project. The following have been invited and have accepted to lead the project: John Odland, Pete Rogerson, David Legates, and Suchi Gopal.

- MMQM student paper competition. This year’s winner of the stutent paper competition is Peter Fellows, Syracuse University. The jury decided not to award the Emerging Scholar Award this year.

- Name change: a consensus emerged that the time may be ripe for changing the name of the specialty group. A number of suggestions were made. The incoming chair will poll the membership for interesting ideas and for a vote on the new name. One of most favored was "Statistics, modeling and computational methods".

- Dues increase. Resolution: no increase this year.

4. Financial report.

Name of account: MMQM SQ/AAG

Account number: 0406-673558

Name: Wells Fargo (Formerly First Interstate Bank)

University Branch

235 S. 1300 East

Salt lake City Utah 84102

MMQM SG Accounts

Credit Debit Comments Balance



Membership dues





Student paper award $1,562.45

1999 dues: $3 (student $1)

Estimated income for 1998: $700

Estimated expenses for 1998: $1100

Estimated income for 1999: $700

Estimated expenses for 1999: $1100