Emerging Scholar Award

The emerging scholar award honors early- to mid-career scholars who have made significant contributions to education and research initiatives that are congruent with the mission of AAG-SAM. The candidates must have received their Ph.D. within the last 10 years and must be a member of the AAG-SAM at the time that the person is being nominated.

Application process: The nominator must submit the following materials to the committee chair, Heejun Chang, changh@pdx.edu. by October 31, 2016:
* Letter of nomination
* Current CV of the candidate
* Evidence of excellence in scholarly work
* Any other supporting materials (e.g., letters from colleagues or former students, etc.)

The winner(s), if any, will be announced at the SAM specialty group business meeting and at the AAG Awards Luncheon. Winners should make themselves available to attend the Luncheon. The committee’s decision, including the possibility of not awarding a prize, is final.

Best wishes,

SAM Board Members


2017 Awardees: Yongwan Chun from The University of Texas at Dallas; Xing-Jian Liu from University of Hong Kong


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