SAM History

Year Chair Vice chair Board members Student member Note
2020-2021 Yongwan Chun Daoqin Tong Qunshan Zhao, Wei Kang, Hyun Kim Jimmy Feng
2019-2020 Yongwan Chun Eric Delmelle Qunshan Zhao, Wei Kang, Hyun Kim Jimmy Feng
2018-2019 Carson Farmer Yongwan Chun Daoqin Tong, Eric Delmelle, Qunshan Zhao
2017-2018 Heejun Chang Carson Farmer Debarchana (Debs) Ghosh, Daoqin Tong, Eric Delmelle Alexander Hohl
2016-2017 Heejun Chang Carson Farmer Eun-Hye Enki Yoo, Debarchana (Debs) Ghosh, Daoqin Tong Yolanda J. McDonald
2015-2016 Heejun Chang Anthony Grubesic Jennifer Miller, Eun-Hye Enki Yoo, Debarchana (Debs) Ghosh Yolanda J. McDonald
2014-2015 Li An Anthony Grubesic Jennifer Miller, Eun-Hye Enki Yoo, Yongwan Chun Yolanda J. McDonald
2013-2014 Li An Anthony Grubesic Jennifer Miller, Joni Downs, Yongwan Chun Jing Gao
2012-2013 Li An Fang Qiu Changjoo Kim, Joni Downs, Yongwan Chun Dan Runfola
2011-2012 Ningchuan Xiao Fang Qiu Eric Delmelle, Changjoo Kim, Joni Downs Dan Runfola
2010-2011 Ningchuan Xiao Fang Qiu Robert Gilmor Pontius, Jr., Eric Delmelle, Changjoo Kim Michael J. Widener
2009-2010 Ningchuan Xiao Ed Zolnik Joni Downs, Robert Gilmor Pontius, Jr., Eric Delmelle Michael J. Widener
2008-2009 Mark Horner Ed Zolnik Darla Munroe, Ningchuan Xiao, Robert Gilmor Pontius, Jr. Michael J. Widener
2007-2008 Mark Horner Ed Zolnik Steven Manson, Darla Munroe, Ningchuan Xiao Scott Bridwell
2006-2007 Mark Horner Fahui Wang Phaedon Kyriakidis, Steven Manson, Darla Munroe Scott Bridwell
2005-2006 David Wong Fahui Wang Mark Horner, Phaedon Kyriakidis, Steven Manson Scott Bridwell
2004-2005 David Wong Fahui Wang Tom Cova, Mark Horner, Phaedon Kyriakidis Jared Aldstadt
2003-2004 David Wong Stuart Sweeney Jonathan Comer, Tom Cova, Mark Horner Jared Aldstadt
2002-2003 Alan T. Murray Stuart Sweeney David Wong, Jonathan Comer, Tom Cova Jared Aldstadt
2001-2002 Alan T. Murray Stuart Sweeney Dave Lemberg, David Wong, Jonathan Comer Rachel Franklin
2000-2001 Alan T. Murray Jonathan Comer Sucharita Gopal, Dave Lemberg, David Wong Rachel Franklin First SAM plenary
1999-2000 Harvey J. Miller Jonathan Comer Jeffrey Osleeb, Sucharita Gopal, Dave Lemberg Kelley A. Crews-Meyer, Sandra Holland Name change
1998-1999 Harvey J. Miller Jonathan Comer Jeffrey Osleeb, Sucharita Gopal, Dave Lemberg Brian Mikelbank
1997-1998 Jean-Claude Thill Harvey J. Miller Randy Jackson, Jonathan Comer, Frank Southworth Brian Mikelbank
1996-1997 Jean-Claude Thill
1995-1996 Jean-Claude Thill
1994-1995 Morton O'Kelly
1993-1994 Morton O'Kelly
1992-1993 Morton O'Kelly
1991-1992 Stewart Fotheringham
1999-1991 Stewart Fotheringham
1989-1990 Stewart Fotheringham
1988-1989 Daniel A. Griffith
1987-1988 Daniel A. Griffith
1986-1987 Nina Lam
1985-1986 Nina Lam
1984-1985 Nina Lam
1983-1984 Grant I. Thrall
1982-1983 Grant I. Thrall
1981-1982 John Odland
1980-1981 John Odland
1979-1980 John Odland
Note: The real history of the specialty group is made by energetic individuals serving the group with great ideas and visions. What is mentioned here however is only a small window of the specialty group. This specialty group was created in 1979 under the name "Mathematical Modeling & Quantitative Methods." In the 2000 business meeting, the specialty group voted to change the name to Spatial Analysis and Modeling. Information presented here was collected in Spring 2009. With great help from many former officers, I was able to reconstruct a partial account of the specialty group history. This page is still under construction and therefore only contains incomplete information. (NCX09)
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