SAM/GA Plenary Sessions

Since 2000, in cooperation with Geographical Analysis (GA) and the Department of Geography, The Ohio State University, the Spatial Analysis and Modeling (SAM) Specialty Group of the Association of American Geographers (AAG) has established a tradition of co-sponsoring a plenary speaker at the annual AAG meetings.

2021 Plenary Speaker

Year Location Speaker Title
2021 New York Sergio Rey To be determined

Past Plenary Speakers

The following table summarizes the speakers and their lecture titles to date, by AAG annual meeting year/location.

Year Location Speaker Title
2000 Pittsburgh Michael Goodchild Spatial analysis in a communicating world
2001 New York Michael Batty Generating urban landscapes at the fine-scale: cells, agents, form and development
2002 Los Angeles Arthur Getis Invention as the mother of necessity: a brief history of quantitative methods in geography
2003 New Orleans Nina Lam Challenges in spatial analysis: an assessment
2004 Philadelphia
2005 Denver Richard Church Beyond 9-11: the new challenges for spatial analysts
2006 Chicago Kingsley Haynes Innovation, technology and latecomer strategies: evidence from the mobile handset manufacturing sector in China
2007 San Francisco Luc Anselin Spatial econometrics: retrospect and prospect
2008 Boston
2009 Las Vegas Denis Pumain Modeling spatial evolution: the example of urban systems
2010 Washington, D.C. Peter Nijkamp Behavior of Humans and Behavior of Models: A Cognitive Perspective
2011 Seattle, WA Geoffrey Jacquez Key problems and some solutions in geospatial health analysis
2012 New York, New York Robert Haining Space-time modelling to support local policing
2013 Los Angeles, California Morton E. O'Kelly Hub location: a geographic analysis
2014 Tampa Bay, Florida Helen Couclelis Ignorance in the Age of Information: Prediction and Uncertainty When the Numbers Just Aren't There
2015 Chicago, Illinois Keith Clarke On the topology of topography
2016 San Francisco, California Stewart Fotheringham Dispelling some Myths about Geographically Weighted Regression
2017 Boston, Massachusetts Daniel Griffith Some Robust Assessments of Eigenvector Spatial Filtering
2018 New Orleans, Louisiana Harvey Miller Some big thoughts about Spatial Analysis and Geographic Information Science in an era of plenty
2019 Washington, DC Alan Murray Spatial Analysis and Modeling: Analytics and Spatial Data Science

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