SAM Student Paper Competition (John Odland Award)

The SAM Specialty Group traditionally host student paper competitions for both graduate and undergraduate students. Starting 2011, the first prize of the competition will be named John Odland Student Paper Award.

2020 Winners

Past Winners






The recipients were Sinha Parmanand, University of Texas at Dallas and Xiang Ye (University at Buffalo-SUNY; title: Moran Correlation Coefficient).


The first prize of the SAM student paper competition went to Paul Holloway (University of Texas at Austin; title: Sensitivity Analysis of Step Selection Function Model Parameters). Ying Song, Ohio State University, was recognized for her research, "Modeling Movement Probabilities within Transportation Networks Using Network Time Prisms and Stochastic Spatio-Temporal Processes."


The first prize of the SAM student paper competition went to Ruojing Scholz (Texas State University; title: Detection of dynamic activity patterns at collective scale from large volume trajectory data). The second prize went to Jing Gao (University of Buffalo-SUNY; title: Bias-variance error decomposition for geospatial regression models. Two students were awarded third prize: Luyang Ren (Clark University; title: Implementing Visual Contrast in Viewshed Determination) and Qiaojue Wang.


The first prize of the SAM student paper competition went to Elizabeth Delmelle (University of North Carolina at Charlotte; title: The Reciprocal Relationships of Neighborhood Quality of Life Dynamics: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach). The second prize went to Ran Wei (Arizona State University; title: Spatial Uncertainty in Forest Management Planning) and Kangping Si (Clark University; title: A new method for multiple-threshold map comparison and accuracy assessment). The third prize was awarded to Xingjian Liu (University of Cambridge; title: Modeling the Interlocking World City Network with Exponential Random Graph (p*) Models).


The first prize of the SAM student paper competition was awarded to Li Zhou (University of Cincinnati; paper title: Investigating Gasoline Zone Pricing in Cincinnati by General Linear Modeling). Yujia Zhang from Clark University won the second prize (title: Characterizing Land Changes over Several Points in Time) and Michael J. Widener of University at Buffalo won the third prize (title: Developing a Parallel Computational Implementation of AMOEBA for Large Spatial Datasets).


After evaluating on both the full papers and presentations, the SAM board decided to award Lina Cao (University of Utah) the first prize, and Xingjian Liu (Texas State University - San Marcos) and Woo Jang (University of Georgia) the second prize of graduate student awards. For the first time, SAM awarded a first place undergraduate student prize to Katherine Johnson (Stanford University).



The co-winners of the competition were: Yongwan Chun (University of Texas-Dallas; paper title: Modeling Network Autocorrelation within Migration Flows by Spatial Eigenvectors) and Jamison F. Conley (Pennsylvania State University; paper title: Using Moment Invariants to Analyze Cluster Shapes and Hypothesize Potential Causes). Second place in the competition went to: Neeti Neeti (Clark University; paper title: Modeling Trends in Phenological Curve Shape Properties Using AVHRR-NDVI Data).


Qiang Cai from University of Iowa took 1st prize while the 2nd prize was shared by David Wheeler and Youngho Kim, both from Ohio State University.


The first prize went to Jonathan Schroeder from University of Minnesota; the second prize winner was Noah Goldstein from UC-Santa Barbara; and the 3rd prize winner was Soumya Mazumdar from University of Iowa.


Eun-Hye Yoo from UCSB (1st place), and Eric Delmelle from SUNY-Buffalo and Richard Middelton from UCSB who tied for the 2nd place. Also, this year's winner for emerging scholar paper competition is: Ikuho Yamada from IUPUI.



There was a tie, so the winners this year were Changjoo Kim (graduate student in the Department of Geography at Ohio State University - "Infrastructure design and cost allocation in hub network") and Nicholas Nagle (graduate student in the Department of Geography at University of California at Santa Barbara - "A point-based regression analysis of industrial location").


The winner this year was Kai Chi Leung (graduate student in the Department of Geography at Clark University) for his paper titled "Incorporation of spatial configuration in land allocation: a threshold approach."


The SAM sponsored student paper competition and paper session had five entries. The winner of this competition was Sang-Il Lee (graduate student in the Department of Geography at The Ohio State University) for his paper titled "Developing a bivariate spatial association measure: an extension of Moran's I."



The SG judges declined to award a prize in the student paper competition. The emerging scholar prize was awarded to Qing Shen (MIT) for his paper entitled "An approach to representing the spatial structure of the information society."


This year's winner of the stutent paper competition is Peter Fellows, Syracuse University.


This year's winners of the competition are Pat Pellegrini (Ohio State U., 1996 Ph.D. from SUNY/Buffalo) and Michael Tiefeldorf (Ph.D. student, Wilfrid Laurier U.).

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